Germany: the superlative sounds of the FIFA world champion

(Mühlendamm sobre el río Spree, Berlín. Imagen: Erasmusu)



Since this model country has also a majestic musical history, it’s been a hard work to choose twenty-five of its most representative tunes,  beyond dates and going from nu jazz to trance atmospheres, including one of the #BestTracksOf2018 (Nº 13): ‘Camomile’ by the fantastic shoegazers  from Regensburg, Swirpool.

Which songs were created in Germany and listened to worldwide between the Mexico 1970 and (West) Germany 1974 FIFA World Cups? Before and after Italia 1990? During South Korea & Japan 2002? In between Germany 2006, South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014? And some days before Russia 2018 starts?


Let’s start with, maybe, one of the most important tunes of the Krautrock (Kosmische Musik) era:

1) ‘Hallogallo’ (1972) – NEU!


And now, one of the danceable hymns of the new wave epoque by this quintet from Münster:

2) ‘Dance With Me’ (1986) – Alphaville


Another famous new wave act -from Hamburg- with its greatest hit:

3) ‘Matador’ (1987) – Xmal Deutschland


It’s turn of one of the renowned synth-pop bands, from Bietigheim-Bissingen:

4) ‘Love Is A Shield’ (1989) – Camouflage


And one of the solid world music projects in a very beautiful video:

5) ‘Return To Innocence’ (1993) – Enigma


From perhaps the best work of this great house producer & DJ:

6) ‘Coração Tambor’ (2000) – Ian Pooley


The Munich-based experimental / electropop trio and a superb tune:

7) ‘Middle Curse’ (2001) – Lali Puna


Now, one of the most famous German electronic producers:

8) ‘Dream Of You’ (2001) – Schiller featuring Heppner, voice of Wolfsheim


From Freiberg, another prolific and elegant electronic producer:

9) ‘Hold You’ (2002) – ATB


This collective plays exquisite nu jazz, lounge & chill out sounds:

10) ‘Early Daiquiris’ (2002) – Club Des Belugas


Also a fine jazztronica (nu jazz) act, absolutely recommended:

11) ‘Soon’ (2002) – Jazzanova featuring Vikter Duplaix


One of the representatives of an hypnotic tech house:

12) ‘Life Is Just A Timeless Motion’ (2002) – The Timewriter


Another exquisite electronic collective, from Regensburg:

13) ‘Breakin’ Sushi’ (2003) – Moodorama


It’s time to fly with this perfectly conceived ambient tune:

14) ‘Monday Paracetamol’ (2003) – Ulrich Schnauss


Now, a delightful und piece from Berlin:

15) ‘Melancholisch Schön’ (2005) – 2raumwohnung


Please welcome another ethereal and essential song to orbit…

16) ‘Kleine Träumerei’ (2005) – Moca


Wanna know what’s EBM? Here’s your answer…

17) ‘Military Fashion Show’ (2006) – And One


The electro house duo from Hamburg wants us to dance too:

18) ‘Pogo’ (2007) – Digitalism


Now, time to float and chill:

19) ‘Beautiful Day’ (2007) – Jazzamor


Remember them? Sensual & sultry trance

20) ‘White Lies’ (2007) – Paul van Dyk featuring Jessica Sutta


The silky duo creates only chillout gems to sail… forever:

21) ‘Happiness’ (2012) – Blank & Jones featuring Cathy Battistessa


Surrounding guitars + mesmerizing voices = Shoegazing, also one of the #BestTracksOf2014 (Nº 33):

22) ‘Stay’ (2014) – Seasurfer


Another electronic / trance maestro to dance with:

23) ‘Destiny’ (2015) – Markus Schulz featuring Delacey


It’s called Intelligent Dance Music… and loved it when played Lima:

24) ‘Running’ (2016) – Moderat


And finally, a powerful & one of the #BestTracksOf2017 (Nº 3):

25) ‘Intimität’ (2017) – Candelilla


the bonus track

‘Stella’ (1992) – Jam & Spoon


Which songs did you like most? Which ones would you add?

Also enjoy these and much more tunes in our eclectic Spotify playlists:





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